Advantages Of Using Digital Camera Telephoto Lens

Are you aware of the function of the telephoto lens in your new digital camera? Well, if not, a telephoto lens on your digital camera permits you to zoom in much nearer to the subject or focus you are photographing without even moving from your place or without getting close. When taking personal pictures of your favourite sports events or nature sceneries, this digital camera telephoto lens can be very helpful. Telephoto picture making allows one to focus on a single subject matter and then later fill in your photographs with every tiny detail. The lens is ordinarily 100 to 300 mm in focal length.

When you think of an expert photographer working hard, you possibly don’t imagine someone shooting with a wide-angle lens camera. More probably, you think of a photographer with a long telephoto lens and there’s no doubt that telephoto lenses is a crowd when it comes to photography. A long lens has powerful expansion and can capture distant objects as if you were taking it in front of you. Most digital cameras, even those with interchangeable lens can take pictures that way.

The best way to start is to know the telephoto capabilities of our camera. Cameras may vary and most of them have the zoom range that differs from slight wide angle to slight telephoto like 35mm to 105mm. If you are lucky enough and you’re aware about focal lengths, you can even own one that has the maximum 200mm focal length which is coined as the moderate level of telephoto zoom.

When you zoom in all the way to reach the maximum level or the other way, remember that camera shake needs consideration. Any instability on your part gets magnified together with the object so the result could be blurring. To battle camera shaking when taking pictures with greater or longer distance, utilize the swiftest shutter speed your digital camera can have. Some camera have shutter priority mode and if you know where it is, set it into the fastest shutter speed. But what is the appropriate speed? So if you are using the maximum 200 mm zoomed in, set the shutter speed to 1/200 second or much faster than this. On the other hand, if your camera doesn’t have the shutter priority mode, try setting the action mode use the fastest available pace.

And if you are not contented with what your camera can reach, then it is time to see if there is a telephoto lens adapter in your camera model. Be sure to browse over your camera’s information guide on accessory lenses. Finally don’t miss out on getting a telephoto-like effect only by cropping your photos. Set your telephoto lens into its longest telephoto setting properly.

Understanding camera lens can help you out to be more creative in digital photography. Choosing the right lens can be a bit complicated and hopefully this article have made your mind a little clearer. Digital camera telephoto lens work better for head and shoulder portraits, taking sharp pictures without any disturbing background. So the next time you want a close-up shot or experience no barrier, don’t fail to use telephoto lens.

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