Best Yearbook Photo

Natalee Holloway

Everyone has seen the really bad yearbook photos where someone has hair going everywhere, their smile is off, or everything about the picture is just horrible. You can avoid that and have some of the best yearbook photos if you follow a few rules.

Wear a color that compliments your eyes and your skin tone. If your skin is already a little ruddy and red in hue, you can tone that down by wearing a cool color. Skin that is really read looks best in a green because it balances out the colors. Wearing a warm, reddish color on top of that can make your face look really flushed and you will not like the picture that you get in the end from that. Also, you can make your eyes stand out by wearing a color that is similar to them. If you have blue eyes and you wear a blue, then they seem to pop out and they look incredible!

Look as natural as possible. That means that you smile like how you usually smile, and hold yourself in the same way that you would if someone snapped a candid shot. Yearbooks are the way that people remember you and you want to be remembered naturally. Being posed just makes everyone look silly. If you can pull a natural shot, then people will enjoy looking at your picture more.

These are just two tips that can make a world of difference in the way your yearbook photos turn out.