Camcorder Wide Angle Lens: Facts and Reviews

How many of us questioned ourselves on how wide our camcorder lens will do? Most photo hobbyists are up with zooms, and even a beginner videographer will require a 15x lens or even more if possible. There is a whole world right in front of us. We don’t need the probing zoom to reveal it, what we need is a camcorder wide angle lens to free our sight.

With this camcorder, you can actually view the same vision you’ll get through your point-and-shoot camera, though there is a little difference in the widest set ups in consumer camcorders. Any view that is more enlarged than this largest setting is termed as zoomed. Any wider view provided by your normal camera lens is considered the wide-angle. To really view wide panoramas with your camcorder, you likely in need of a new lens accessory termed as wide-angle adapter. This clip-on unit function together with your camera lens and can help in gathering bigger vistas than its standard view.

Most photography coaches told us that the standard view through a lens imitates what the naked eye can see. It is not. The only association we can make out of the normal lenses and wide-angle lenses is based on the capacity of our own eyes to see and for me; my eyes could view more that what is seen with an average camcorder lens. The wide-angle lens can be a way to capture the actuality and it can take more of the environment and subject. However some of the stunningly looking video comes from errors or what we call distortion made by wide lenses. The wide angle can both symbolize and go beyond the limits of our human vision.


If you aim to put your audience into the scene, put them in a situation they won’t miss. The mysterious sense of actuality offered by wide-angle lens may be what your video wants. How can this be? Well, by capturing in a total vista in one shot, the viewers eyes is open to wander. All possible details, all encompassing sense of a place, are all accessible to your viewer. The same with the actualities of life, the viewer should decide what to look at and what to pay attention with.

The camcorder wide angle lens has many uses and some of those are exclusive for it. It is better to use wide-angle camcorders for: a wide outdoor panorama that is too large to be captured using the standard lens or a mini interior where you can’t freely move back and forth to capture anything. Clearly, the wide-angle adapter accessory is the choice of real estate agents, nature producers and filmmakers of epic stories. Consider the sample below:

Exterior: If you caught a man and a woman walking on the street along the busy street, using a zoom lens, you can bring them close together and turning the strikingly street lights into a gloomy effect. By going large, the scene acquires a totally different feeling. Remember when you opt to go wide, your subject will be presented in relation with the environment.

Unlike any other tools of the videographer, the wide angle lens camcorders gives creativity in many ways and going wide offers a large canvas for a video artist. Your possibilities are no longer limited.

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