Make Money off Your Pictures

cameraAs a professional photographer, you know that having a passion for what you do is key to being successful in the business of photography. Marketing is of the utmost importance. Without the proper advertising skills, there is no way for your pictures to gain views. In order to create a name for yourself in the world of professional photography, you will have to learn how to create an effective online marketing campaign. There are a few key points that every successful online marketing campaign has.

First, an online marketing campaign must keep the customer connecting to bigger and better things. An online customer should never feel like they know everything there is to know about you or your photography business. There should be sufficient material on your personal website to keep them looking and searching for more. If you choose to post advertisements on other company’s websites, make sure you link those ads to significant pages on your own website. Create social media accounts that potential customers can connect with. Do everything you can to reach out to your clientele, grab their attention, and keep it on you.

If you are not completely familiar with the ins and outs of online marketing, it might be a good idea to get in touch with a professional online marketing agency to help you get started. There are several companies that have dedicated their work to making the online venue a friendlier one for small business owners. By tracking online traffic and writing up search engine optimization (SEO) articles for your business, your local SEO company may wind up making all the difference. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is by far the most significant contributor to website views and increase in online traffic. There are a lot of people out there looking for a photographer, and when they conduct an internet search, you want to make sure your name shows up. That’s what SEO does for you. SEO does everything to get your company’s name as high on the list of search results as possible.

If you are interested in selling prints of your work, then you will need to make sure you are marketing to the right people. Creating a healthy online marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting in touch with the people who would be most interested in buying your work. To make money off your pictures, you have to know who your customer is and find him or her. These potential customers are looking for your work, but you have to be the one to make it known to them. Use your networking ties to get in touch with art and photography dealers who might be interested in what you do.

Getting Your Photography Out There for People to See

photographyPlenty of individuals love to take photos. Some of them do it for pure hobbies reason, and they never really expect anything more to come for it. However, others want to be professional photographers, and they want people to really appreciate their work. How can these individuals get their photographs noticed?

Hire a Marketer
Now, a person might have enough money to hire a professional by him or herself, or this individual might be looking to market the photographs for bigger business purposes. Whatever the case may be, trying some online marketing solutions can definitely be helpful. By having this professional advice and angle coming in, photographers will know the necessary steps to reach out to an audience and make them want to know more about the photos.

Shows for Local Talent
Starting at the local level is a really smart idea for people who are not looking to make such large scale changes in a short amount of time. Whether individuals are taking classes at a local college or in the community, they should speak with their teachers and advisers about opportunities to showcase their work. People who are not taking courses can call the local library or department of recreation for more information.

Using Social Media
When individuals feel like their work could really skyrocket, they can use social media to do some advertising on their own. Facebook is a great way to put out feelers. A person could post a picture that he or she took and then view the type of feedback that is provided. If the feedback is generally strong, then he or she can start a page solely dedicated to these endeavors. Using social media is an excellent way to build customers out of people who the photographer already knows.

Putting Together a Portfolio
In the field of art, most customers want to see a portfolio of sorts. The work for this portfolio might have to be done for free or for a very low cost. Hopefully, once people start to see how great the works of art are, the photographer will start to get some business. Without this portfolio, however, interested parties are going to have no real idea of what the images look like in reality. As a result, this step is a significant one that budding photographers absolutely do not want to forget about.

Individuals need to receive exposure when they want people to look at and love their photographers. On top of that, they also want others to start desiring them to act as their photographers. These various steps and tips will help that mission to be accomplished in a timely fashion.

Great Community Service Opportunities

community serviceIn today’s society, the call to help one another has been sounded again and again. There are so many great causes out there that it can be hard to see what good you can do as an individual. Everyone deserves to have a little help in their lives, and whether you are passionate about children, animals, veterans, or any other facet of life on this earth, there are things that you can do today to start making a difference in your community. If you know that you want to start participating in community service opportunities but you don’t know where to start, here are a few questions that you might want to ask yourself as you keep looking for ways to help.

What can I do? While giving community service is largely about helping other people, you have to go through a fair amount of introspection before you can really understand the contribution that you are able to make. If you are talented in any way, you can use that to help people. If you are passionate about something, use that passion to uplift those around you. You have many chances to help people, but if you choose to participate in a way that isn’t right for you, it will be easy to think that you don’t matter as a helper. It’s not true; you just have to apply yourself in the right way.

Where can I go? Knowing how you can help is a big step, but if you can’t find a place to apply yourself in that way then all that introspection will have gone to waste. Whatever you are passionate about doing to help people, there are other people out there with the same passion, and oftentimes there are organizations set up that already do the things that you are hoping to do. Seek out these organizations. Right now, there are dozens of organizations in your area that are looking for more help doing what they do. Organizations that help veterans are especially in need of volunteers because there are so many veterans who are in need of help. Finding these organizations is as easy as a quick internet search and a phone call.

How can I help? Leaders of organizations often have specific needs that volunteers and community service providers can take care of. While they might not be the exact tasks that you had in mind, you can rest easy knowing that you are helping an organization that makes the world better for people in your community. If you cannot find an organization that helps people according to your passion, don’t be afraid to start one. Petition people in your community to help you make a difference!

Shoot Amazing Photos with These Top 5 Android Apps


HDR Camera

HDR stands for high dynamic range and this app offers Smartphone users the option of taking better photographs. The camera takes pictures at different exposures and combines the shots into a finished image. While some apps require steady hands for clear, crisp photos, HDR features de-ghosting technology that provides awesome pictures despite slight movement. The app offers brilliant colors and fine detail along with the capability of controlling tone, contrast and exposure. The paid version additionally provides flash control and geo tagging.


Many agree that Vignette is the best app going for taking Android pictures. Many willingly spend $4.00 for the app after trying the free demo. The program provides professional looking photographs with numerous capabilities. Open Vignette and immediately see a viewfinder screen. The right side features border, light, pixel and timer adjustments, which set the scene before taking the shot. The app additionally contains over 60 settings for adjusting color, grayscale, adding cinematic and vintage effects or choosing frames. The only drawback revolves around having different menus for effects.

Camera ZOOM FX

This $3.00 app appeals to anyone who enjoys adding artistic touches to otherwise ordinary photographs. The free version limits the image size while the paid version offers up to five megapixel quality pictures. Take awesome photographs using auto focus, a voice activated timer, stable shot or burst mode functions. Afterwards, choose art, color, distort and frame effects to alter the image. Add borders, celebrities, props or skins during editing.

Fast Burst Camera

Shutterbugs who enjoy capturing action shots really like the Fast Burst Camera app. By merely pressing the shutter button, or anywhere on the screen, the camera takes up to 30 pictures per second. Tapping the screen captures single shots. While in rapid capture mode, the viewfinder features a corner gauge that monitors buffer memory. Once the gauge empties, users resume taking photos. The user-friendly app comes in free and paid versions. At $4.00, the app also provides digital zoom, flash and focus functions.

Photaf 3D Panorama Pro

For around $4.00, this application easily creates 360-degree panoramic views manually or automatically by seamlessly blending a succession of photographs. From the main menu, geo tag photos using the phone’s GPS function. The app then asks whether the user desires taking the photographs manually or prefers that the camera perform the function. Viewing panes provide perfect alignment and an audible beep signals when to take the shot. Once completed and stitched, merely touch the screen and view the panoramic view. Users must upload images to the Photaf public gallery for viewing and sharing.

Author Bio

Kip is the manager of a Portland based cell phone store where he sells mobile phones and mobile accessories. Away from work, Kip can be found hiking and taking photographs of nature.

Best Yearbook Photo

Natalee Holloway

Everyone has seen the really bad yearbook photos where someone has hair going everywhere, their smile is off, or everything about the picture is just horrible. You can avoid that and have some of the best yearbook photos if you follow a few rules.

Wear a color that compliments your eyes and your skin tone. If your skin is already a little ruddy and red in hue, you can tone that down by wearing a cool color. Skin that is really read looks best in a green because it balances out the colors. Wearing a warm, reddish color on top of that can make your face look really flushed and you will not like the picture that you get in the end from that. Also, you can make your eyes stand out by wearing a color that is similar to them. If you have blue eyes and you wear a blue, then they seem to pop out and they look incredible!

Look as natural as possible. That means that you smile like how you usually smile, and hold yourself in the same way that you would if someone snapped a candid shot. Yearbooks are the way that people remember you and you want to be remembered naturally. Being posed just makes everyone look silly. If you can pull a natural shot, then people will enjoy looking at your picture more.

These are just two tips that can make a world of difference in the way your yearbook photos turn out.

Capturing Amazing Photographs Of Remote Scenes Throughout The World

desolate places If capturing amazing photographs of remote scenes throughout the world is on your bucket list, then air charter service by Clear Jet might be on your list of ways to make it happen.  It is important to have a good plan when trying to get great photos of rare things.  Equipment and knowledge are important, travel documents are a must and what remote areas and scenes you find interesting must be known and prioritized.

Shooting great photos isn’t as easy as point and shoot.  While point and shoot cameras have their place, they certainly shouldn’t be relied upon as the exclusive way to get photographs of remote scenes throughout the world.  A Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera with a selection of lenses is the best way to go.  The point and shoot can be the camera for quick shots, but a serious photographer will also have an SLR and know how to use it.  Do not get an SLR and go to the place.  Get the SLR and practice with it at home.  Fortunately, the great equalizer is digital.  That means that quantity can trump quality or can be used to find quality, but some moments pass more quickly than the camera can catch them.

Once the equipment and knowledge are in place, it is important to get the correct paperwork in order.  That may mean getting a passport and a visa.  It may also mean getting vaccinations.  Many of the most remote locations in the world are home to various diseases that the western world no longer worries about.  However, traveling may make vaccinations and prophylactics against things like malaria necessary.  There are remote locations in the United States, particularly in Alaska, that do not require much paperwork.

Getting to remote locations can be problematic.  So it is important to plot the course and know how to get there and by what type of transportation.  Whether it is llamas in South America, elephants in India or bush taxi in Africa, knowing what the locals use and how to use it can be just as important as no about getting as close as possible to the remote location through flight.

Flying can be accomplished with air charter service by Clear Jet.  This type of service can provide plenty of room for whatever equipment is needed and allow the traveler to get closer to the destination than many commercial flights can.  It can also gibe the traveler the advantage of going through customs at a much smaller airport.  There are many places that can be reached only by boat or by air.  Driving is not an option, especially in Alaska where the road system does not even include the capital, Juneau.

Great Outfits for Family Pictures

Family pictureIt’s that time of year where you force everyone to sit together on a log and have your family portrait taken.  The stress of the event actually becomes easily overshadowed by the stress of what to have everyone where, though.  So how do you decide?  How do you put together the perfect family photo wardrobe?

The first thing to do is to consider your location.  You don’t want to be wearing clothes that are inappropriate for the location and/or season.  Consider these factors – is it appropriate to wear jeans here?  Is it necessary to dress more formally at this location?  Will it be outdoors?  If so, is it cold, warm, hot?

Next you’ll want to consider colors.  You can either have everyone in the same color top and bottoms or everyone in different colors that go together.  You can also mix in some patterns and prints to add an extra dimension.

Once you’ve got your colors picked out you need to start finding the clothes that coordinate. It is important in a good family portrait that everyone has a piece of their personality shining through their clothing.  Because of this you should not put everyone in the same shirt and or same pants like they’re at Camp Whatchamacallit.  Each person needs to have an outfit that they are comfortable in and of course it doesn’t hurt if they’ll wear it again, so that you can really get your monies worth.

Some families choose to put the girls in matching womens sweaters and the boys in matching ties.  Some families choose to do completely different items for each child.  The best way to really get an idea of what will work for your family is to just lay it all out.  If you’re finding items at different stores you can take pictures and then crop them all into a file together on the computer.  This way you can really get an idea of what everything will look like together.  You can proportion the pictures according to size to get an idea of whether or not a specific color or print is overwhelming in a particular size or not.

Searching the internet for family photos is also a great way to get an idea of what to outfit everyone it.  You can even look up your particular location to see if you can find any family photos.  Your Photographer might also have some great advice to share since he/she has probably had a few experiences with this topic already.

Don’t forget to think about shoes and accessories as well.  These really will make an impact on the overall results.  Sometimes it can be fun to put some of the family members in hats.  Sometimes you might put a chair in an orchard or have people holding balloons or a banner.

Remember while dressing everyone else that it is also appropriate to include diseased family members.  In many family photos a framed portrait of a diseases sibling or a particularly sentimental item of a beloved family member who has passed on might be included and will add extra meaning to these photos.

Get creative and have fun prepping for your family photo session.

CCTV Camera Lens: For Clear Images

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is for crime preventive authorities to notice crime and criminals without CCTV camera lens? In the modern times, security cameras become a must especially when it comes to security purposes. It is necessary to keep focused on everyone’s move to avoid violations and other unlawful actions because no one exactly knows who may be the danger. It is not simple for an individual to do careful detection all by himself. After all, humans are not skilled in everything and humans have limitations when it comes to their capacity. For this reason CCTV camera and other video capture equipments like video cameras are a great help.

Government and private security agencies use them most of the time to keep a check on possible crimes that may occur each day and also to get rid or minimize unlawful activities. Hidden cameras are the tools used to keep close surveillance over particular areas and take note that most department stores, banks, restaurants, hospitals, airports, business establishments and even private homes are already utilizing CCTV camera lenses just to be safe. These hidden cameras are very effective and helpful for home security purposes because sometimes human security personnel’s cannot do close monitoring as they are sometimes prone to hindrances like sleepiness and lost of attention.

Furthermore, these security cameras also include video frame grabbers- an interior device that are plugged into the USB port right on the capture computer. These devices are easily installed, very compact, very movable, and very flexible enough to switch between varied computers and can work well even with desktop and laptop computers. The capture hardware is made up of a frame grabber which is used in converting the VGA or DVI feed from the anchor’s computer to a digital format that can be recorded or televised to the web.

Back in the old times, cameras are too big and heavy to carry. If you want to secretly monitor someone, it will be a difficult task because it is almost noticeable but now, contemporary cameras are too tiny, very advanced or upgraded and very handy and easy to carry. They can even hide in shirt buttons. Camera lenses before cannot  capture distant images because it is not clear anymore while today, the most important part of the CCTV camera is the lens, the lens with much capacity to capture far images and this lens is the most important element in security controlling with the sue of CCTV Camera lenses.

Lenses may come in different sizes as well as CCTV Camera sizes. The greater the mega pixel of the lens, the greater the quality of the captured images or sceneries may become. A camera seems so useless if it cannot produce clear and quality pictures. The quality really matters. If you want to know the best product distributor of CCTV camera lens, it is the RMA electronics. And CCTV camera lenses major companies includes Hitachi, Pepco, Pentax and they are also the best sellers of CCTV Cameras to military and government agencies as well.

Advantages Of Using Digital Camera Telephoto Lens

Are you aware of the function of the telephoto lens in your new digital camera? Well, if not, a telephoto lens on your digital camera permits you to zoom in much nearer to the subject or focus you are photographing without even moving from your place or without getting close. When taking personal pictures of your favourite sports events or nature sceneries, this digital camera telephoto lens can be very helpful. Telephoto picture making allows one to focus on a single subject matter and then later fill in your photographs with every tiny detail. The lens is ordinarily 100 to 300 mm in focal length.

When you think of an expert photographer working hard, you possibly don’t imagine someone shooting with a wide-angle lens camera. More probably, you think of a photographer with a long telephoto lens and there’s no doubt that telephoto lenses is a crowd when it comes to photography. A long lens has powerful expansion and can capture distant objects as if you were taking it in front of you. Most digital cameras, even those with interchangeable lens can take pictures that way.

The best way to start is to know the telephoto capabilities of our camera. Cameras may vary and most of them have the zoom range that differs from slight wide angle to slight telephoto like 35mm to 105mm. If you are lucky enough and you’re aware about focal lengths, you can even own one that has the maximum 200mm focal length which is coined as the moderate level of telephoto zoom.

When you zoom in all the way to reach the maximum level or the other way, remember that camera shake needs consideration. Any instability on your part gets magnified together with the object so the result could be blurring. To battle camera shaking when taking pictures with greater or longer distance, utilize the swiftest shutter speed your digital camera can have. Some camera have shutter priority mode and if you know where it is, set it into the fastest shutter speed. But what is the appropriate speed? So if you are using the maximum 200 mm zoomed in, set the shutter speed to 1/200 second or much faster than this. On the other hand, if your camera doesn’t have the shutter priority mode, try setting the action mode use the fastest available pace.

And if you are not contented with what your camera can reach, then it is time to see if there is a telephoto lens adapter in your camera model. Be sure to browse over your camera’s information guide on accessory lenses. Finally don’t miss out on getting a telephoto-like effect only by cropping your photos. Set your telephoto lens into its longest telephoto setting properly.

Understanding camera lens can help you out to be more creative in digital photography. Choosing the right lens can be a bit complicated and hopefully this article have made your mind a little clearer. Digital camera telephoto lens work better for head and shoulder portraits, taking sharp pictures without any disturbing background. So the next time you want a close-up shot or experience no barrier, don’t fail to use telephoto lens.

Camcorder Wide Angle Lens: Facts and Reviews

How many of us questioned ourselves on how wide our camcorder lens will do? Most photo hobbyists are up with zooms, and even a beginner videographer will require a 15x lens or even more if possible. There is a whole world right in front of us. We don’t need the probing zoom to reveal it, what we need is a camcorder wide angle lens to free our sight.

With this camcorder, you can actually view the same vision you’ll get through your point-and-shoot camera, though there is a little difference in the widest set ups in consumer camcorders. Any view that is more enlarged than this largest setting is termed as zoomed. Any wider view provided by your normal camera lens is considered the wide-angle. To really view wide panoramas with your camcorder, you likely in need of a new lens accessory termed as wide-angle adapter. This clip-on unit function together with your camera lens and can help in gathering bigger vistas than its standard view.

Most photography coaches told us that the standard view through a lens imitates what the naked eye can see. It is not. The only association we can make out of the normal lenses and wide-angle lenses is based on the capacity of our own eyes to see and for me; my eyes could view more that what is seen with an average camcorder lens. The wide-angle lens can be a way to capture the actuality and it can take more of the environment and subject. However some of the stunningly looking video comes from errors or what we call distortion made by wide lenses. The wide angle can both symbolize and go beyond the limits of our human vision.


If you aim to put your audience into the scene, put them in a situation they won’t miss. The mysterious sense of actuality offered by wide-angle lens may be what your video wants. How can this be? Well, by capturing in a total vista in one shot, the viewers eyes is open to wander. All possible details, all encompassing sense of a place, are all accessible to your viewer. The same with the actualities of life, the viewer should decide what to look at and what to pay attention with.

The camcorder wide angle lens has many uses and some of those are exclusive for it. It is better to use wide-angle camcorders for: a wide outdoor panorama that is too large to be captured using the standard lens or a mini interior where you can’t freely move back and forth to capture anything. Clearly, the wide-angle adapter accessory is the choice of real estate agents, nature producers and filmmakers of epic stories. Consider the sample below:

Exterior: If you caught a man and a woman walking on the street along the busy street, using a zoom lens, you can bring them close together and turning the strikingly street lights into a gloomy effect. By going large, the scene acquires a totally different feeling. Remember when you opt to go wide, your subject will be presented in relation with the environment.

Unlike any other tools of the videographer, the wide angle lens camcorders gives creativity in many ways and going wide offers a large canvas for a video artist. Your possibilities are no longer limited.