Planning A Wedding

wedding_photographyTo avoid being the bridezilla that everyone ends up hating by the end of the wedding day….or maybe before here are some steps to take:

  1. Picking a date: when you want to choose your wedding day make sure you give yourself ample time to be able to plan things out without being rushed and stressed out.
  2. Budget: talk with your fiancé and your both set of parents to figure out a budget and always remember it’s less stressful if you STICK to it.
  3. Divide and conquer: don’t be afraid to delegate different tasks out that are okay for another person to handle. Now you don’t want someone else picking out the brides dress or the grooms tux that is something for you and your fiancé to enjoy together. However, having someone find a variety of venues to have the wedding can ease the stress off of you.
  4. Invitations: make a list on both sides of who you want to invite. Figure out if you have a limit of invites or if you want to invite everyone you know. Invitations can be a reflection of you and your fiancé. Also look into seeing if a family member or friend has a job or a talent at creating them. This could cut your costs and help those who want to be involved in your special day.
  5. Venue: after choosing a venue off the list someone else created for you refer to step 6
  6. Decorators: if you choose to decorate yourself find things you can delegate to others because this is one task that can be very time consuming and stressful. If you’d rather avoid the extra stress find a decorator within your budget.
  7. Photographer: Whether you just pass out disposable cameras or have a Palm Springs Wedding Photographer photos are a huge part of your wedding, memories that will carry on for a lifetime.
  8. Food: one of the highlights for many people who attend wedding receptions is the food. There’s choices to what you want served- you and your fiancés favorites, buffets, candy bars, chocolate fountains….the options are endless, but always remember you do have a budget.
  9. Registering: keep the stores you pick from one to three – this way family and friends can focus on getting what you really want. When going through stores pick things out that are realistic and you know you will use.
  10. Attire: your wedding dress is by far one of the most important parts about getting married. The bride is the center of attention and picking one out makes you feel like the princess you imagined yourself to be when you were a little girl. Tuxes for the groom and groomsmen’s aren’t as intense, but when choosing your bridesmaids dress keep in mind everyone you asked- their sizes and how they view modesty.

Matching Wedding Photos with Wedding Stationery Design

One of the things that an event photographer should do to make sure that the entire event is a success is to work with the client to make

English: Letterpress Wedding Invitation

sure that the style and feel of the photos matches the rest of the event. It’s technically not your “job” to look over other aspects, but you’ll have a much happier client if they feel that everything flows well for the entire event.

One of the aspects that should be looked at in combination with the event pictures is the paper. For a wedding this would include the announcements, invitations to the bridal shower, wedding stationery, thank you cards, name cards at the event, and any other paperwork that is being seen by the guests. The pictures will be seen next to the paper items so it is important to help with the style and flow. Many photographers don’t even look at them, so if you’re trying to become successful in event photography check out these tips on wedding stationery.

Picking out the wedding stationery design is one of the most important decisions to make in the beginning. Many brides wonder how they can find that perfect stationery for their wedding. The right stationery not only exemplifies your personality but the groom’s personality as well and brings out the theme of the wedding. After you set the date and decide who you’re going to invite, the first thing you’ll do is send out invitations. Matching the invitations with a great photo is important because they’ll be seen together right away–and since this is the first impression people will have, you want your selection to be spot on. Here are some great tips you’ll want to take advantage of when it comes to selecting stationery for that special day:-

1. Setting Your Style

Traditionally, the paper used for formal wedding stationery would match the bride’s dress which meant it would either be white or ivory then black or dark grey ink would be used for the engraving. Even though this design is still very popular today, with all of the styles of invitations available now that range from informal to strictly traditional as well as being extremely affordable, your invitations can be black and white or filled with colors. Your limit is your imagination.

2. Select Your Font/Lettering

If you don’t really have to worry about a budget having engraved lettering for your stationery is best. This is because the lettering in the engraving process produces textured lettering which is generally expected for a formal wedding invitation. As an alternative, thermography gives you virtually the same look in a much less expensive process which fits almost any budget and for those who have a small guest list, hand lettered calligraphy is a great option. With all of the font and lettering choices available today you’ll be able to find a style that suits your tastes easily.

3. Choosing Stationery Wording

Since family relationships today can be extremely complex, when it comes to figuring out the wording for your invitations can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are lots of examples available you can use to base your invitation wording on and if you’re working with a company that will be printing your invitations, they’ll be more than happy to help with suggestions. Even if you’re ordering invitations online, companies will have customer support that can help with questions you may have about the different designs they offer. While this may be your first wedding, companies have done wedding invitations for hundreds, if not thousands of weddings and have lots of experience. While using traditional wording is great, most couples today choose their own wording instead to make it more personal and meaningful.

4. Don’t Forget Thank You Cards

You will want to start preparing your thank you cards as soon as the gifts start coming in. By ordering thank you cards when you order your invitations you’ll be able to make sure they match the rest of your stationery. According to tradition, you’ll want to have all your thank you cards sent out in less than three weeks after the wedding ceremony.

By reviewing these decisions with your clients you’ll be more prepared to take pictures for them that will match and flow well with their decisions. It’s not something every photographer looks over and you’ll be a step ahead if you can help the overall feel of the event go well.