Getting Off Auto: White Balance

Adjusting the White Balance on your DSLR PhotographyNow that we’ve covered light in terms of the use of flash and ISO we’ll cover the color of the light. White balance is the color correction and it’s based on the type of light in the picture. Based on the type of light and the desired effect will determine what setting you choose. You have the option to select auto for the white balance even when you are in Program Mode, so if you are unsure which setting to choose or if you can’t seem to get it right yourself you can select auto to see how that turns out. The typical settings contain the following options:

  • Auto
  • Fluorescent Light
  • Tungsten Light
  • Outdoor Sunny
  • Outdoor Cloudy
  • Flash

This is pretty self¬†explanatory¬†in that you simply want to select the correct lighting. But, as with everything else, you’ll want to analyze your pictures after you take them. If you get a red, blue, or green hint in the photos then you’ll want to change the white balance. If you simply can’t get it right try it on auto (auto white balance–not auto mode for your camera) and see what the camera thinks you should use. After you take the picture most cameras will tell you the settings used in the display and you can learn what settings the camera would choose itself. As you get started try different settings to get a feel for how they look and compare each of them. Doing this will improve your photography skills and give you additional insight into how the light changes your pictures.

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