Tips for Taking Photographs of People

woman in natureEveryone loves a good snapshot. Photos bring back memories of happy days; family reunions, weddings, outings and many other occasions. If you are doing photography as a hobby or are planning to go commercial, you must be in a position to give it your best shot. The following tips will be of great help as you hone your photography skills:

Keep your subject closer

If you want good photographs, always focus on the subject. It could be an individual or a group of people. Let the select location become the backdrop not the other way round. For instance, you should not make people seem like tiny objects standing in front of a castle, the sea or a vehicle. Don’t squeeze in all the objects in the background. Instead, let the people you are photographing stand out amidst the background.


This is very crucial in every photographic work. Take photos when it is cloudy and overcast. During this time, there is softness in the light. At the same time, people will not be forced to squint as a result of strong light from the sun. When shooting portraits, choose late afternoons when the sun is low. Let your subject face the sun. As for scenic photos, the best time is late in the afternoon or early morning. This is because the main source of light, the sun, is near to or emerging from a horizon.

Encourage people to do something

Photos taken while people are doing something usually come out beautifully. They are more interesting than those where people have posed. For kids, give them toys or teddy bears while adults can act like they are talking or interacting. If possible, capture images of people walking, hugging, kissing or even playing. Such pictures will have spontaneity than any other you have taken before.

Know when to turn the flash on and off

When photographing a large area and your subject is over 15 feet away, it is best to switch off your camera’s flash. A good example is a baseball game. If the flash stays on, the photograph’s foreground will appear bright while its background will be dark. Conversely, for people standing at the front of large sceneries, leave it on. The flash will illuminate the dark shadows appearing on their faces. However, the flash range varies depending on the specifications and model of the camera you are using.

Getting great facial shots

Since the main focus of a facial shot is the face, the photo will look great if people take a shave first. This is especially true for men. Ask your friend or spouse to do the needful. After shaving, applying after shave lotion will enhance the looks on his face. Try applying these tips and note how great your photos look!

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